All manufacturer’s of "custom mouth guards" are not the same and the difference in the production process is something that you will feel with our "mouth guards". Each "mouthguard" we produce is always made with the highest standards to ensure that custom fit for true protection, "performance" and comfort.

Most custom mouth guard manufacturers who make MMA mouth guards build thickness by stacking layers on top of layers. We do not follow this norm. We custom build each mouth guard so the thickness is present where it is needed most and that is in front of the mouth guard. Stacking layers only has one advantage, and that is thickness. That thickness translates to the palate of the mouth which could cause a gag reflex and it is very uncomfortable. We take this into consideration and because of this, our mouth guards are truly custom mouth guards. Our custom MMA mouth guards give you, the athlete, the best balance of protection, comfort, and breathability so that you can perform your best.

Whether you are in need of a MMA Mouth Guard or a custom performance mouth guard for boxing, hockey, football, wrestling, basketball, motocross, and even rodeo, we are here to walk you thru every step of the process. Our custom mouth guards are perfect for Custom mouth guards, MMA mouth guards, boxing mouth guards, football mouth guards, hockey mouth guards, wrestling mouth guards, and contact sports mouth guards. Don’t forget that we make custom mouth guards for braces, so call or use the contact us page today.

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