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The wisdom of pulling teeth

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    Why might a person require a tooth extraction?

    There are a number of reasons why your dentist might recommend that you have a tooth, or even several teeth, extracted. Listed below are some of these reasons:

    Some teeth will have extensive decay (dental caries) or else will have broken or cracked in such an extreme manner that an extraction might be considered the best, or at least a reasonable, solution. Of course there will be a number of factors that will come into play with any specific situation. In some cases the obstacles that present themselves might be so formidable that a repair for the tooth is simply not possible. In other cases the cost of needed dental treatment or else a questionable long-term outlook for the success of the treatment may be the reason an extraction is chosen.
    Some teeth may require treatment of the nerve space that lies within them (root canal treatment) in order to make a repair. While most teeth typically are candidates for root canal treatment there can be complicating factors that remove this option. If this is the case and needed root canal treatment cannot be performed then the extraction of the tooth is indicated.
    By definition, teeth that have experienced the effects of advanced periodontal disease (gum disease) are teeth whose supporting bone has been damaged. In general, as periodontal disease worsens, a tooth is supported by less and less surrounding bone, often to the point where the tooth becomes loose. In those cases where significant bone damage has occurred and a tooth has become excessively mobile extraction of the tooth may be the only option.
    Some teeth are extracted because they are malpositioned. As an example, sometimes when wisdom teeth come in they lie in a position that proves to be a constant source of irritation to the person’s cheek (by either rubbing against the cheek or causing the person to bite it). As a solution, a dentist may suggest that the offending wisdom teeth should be extracted.
    Some teeth might be extracted because they provide very little service to the dental patient but do offer risk for becoming problematic. A common example is a wisdom tooth that has come in but has no matching tooth to bite against. Wisdom teeth are typically in a region of the mouth that is hard to clean, thus placing them and their neighboring tooth at greater risk for decay and periodontal disease. Depending on the precise circumstances that they find, a dentist may advise their patient that removing a nonfunctional tooth might be in that patient’s best long-term interest in regards to maintaining good oral health.
    Impacted teeth are often extracted. Impacted teeth are teeth whose positioning in the jaw bone is such that they cannot erupt into normal alignment. So by definition, impacted teeth are malpositioned and because they are malpositioned they are often nonfunctional. This combination of factors makes impacted teeth common candidates for extraction.

    When orthodontic treatment is performed for a patient the dentist is trying to perfect the alignment of the patient’s teeth but they can only do so within the confines of the size of the person’s jaws. Especially in those cases where a large discrepancy exists between the size of the patient’s jaws and the needed space required for the improved alignment of their teeth, some strategically located teeth may need to be extracted.

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    I hadn’t been to the dentist in YEARS, and finally went last year. I definitely needed work done as far as a deep cleaning , and I was super scared/nervous, but they were great with me! It was all over before I knew it, and it was like I had new clean/healthy teeth again (without needing any severe work done like I thought was going to be the case). No cavities here, surprisingly!

    I also needed my wisdom teeth pulled out, and I was a total wreck when I came back for that appointment. Turns out I was freaking the heck out over nothing, lol. They were so patient with me & their entire staff is great at what they do!

    Nicole S.
    WONDERFUL!!!!!! Dr. Was beyond helpful and nice! Thats why she will be my permanent dentist from now on!
    Veronica is amazing as well! The Dr and veronica kept asking if i was okay, usually Dentists rush and want to finish. I will definitely be coming back and referring my friends and family here. I was in alot of pain and needed a emergency appointment cindy and the Dr worked with me to make me a fast appointment! Office is very clean topped off with a nice staff and Dr.!
    Definitely recommend coming here!!
    Thank you again!
    Ramey B.