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    Project Description

    Custom Fitted Mouth Guards

    All manufacturer’s of “custom mouth guards” are not the same and the difference in the production process is something that you will feel with our “mouth guards“. Each “mouthguard” we produce is always made with the highest standards to ensure that custom fit for true protection, “performance” and comfort.

    Most custom mouth guard manufacturers who make MMA mouth guards build thickness by stacking layers on top of layers. We do not follow this norm. We custom build each mouth guard so the thickness is present where it is needed most and that is in front of the mouth guard. Stacking layers only has one advantage, and that is thickness. That thickness translates to the palate of the mouth which could cause a gag reflex and it is very uncomfortable. We take this into consideration and because of this, our mouth guards are truly custom mouth guards. Our custom MMA mouth guards give you, the athlete, the best balance of protection, comfort, and breathability so that you can perform your best.

    We have athletes all around the United States and abroad who wear our product. Our clientele list range from MMA fighters in the UFC, boxers in Wildcard Boxing, jujitsu practioners at many Gracie schools, wrestlers at Universities / Colleges, all the way down to football players in local high schools. Whatever sport you need your mouth guard for, we can do it.

    Whether you are in need of a MMA Mouth Guard or a custom performance mouth guard for boxing, hockey, football, wrestling, basketball, motocross, and even rodeo, we are here to walk you thru every step of the process. Our custom mouth guards are perfect for Custom mouth guards, MMA mouth guards, boxing mouth guards, football mouth guards, hockey mouth guards, wrestling mouth guards, and contact sports mouth guards. Don’t forget that we make custom mouth guards for braces, so call or use the contact us page today.

    • Exceeds Academy for Sports Dentistry guidelines for properly fitting mouth guard
    • Quality is superior to traditional laboratories that most dentists send to
    • Trusted by trainers and coaches of professional level athletes around the world
    • Our mouthguards are worn by athletes in the MMA and boxing that train in world renown gyms
    • We are highly recommended in high traffic mouth guard discussion forums

    If you are local to Corona, CA, feel free to order from us at the office…

    If not and you would like to place an order please follow the links below:

    Python Guards – Custom Fitted Mouth Guards
    Shurfit – Custom Boil and Bites

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    Thank you so much for the beautiful guard. Fits like a glove! I had the Gxxxxxxxx custom guard. It was kind of flimsy. It fit well, but there was no hardened layer. I took a shot in the mouth once and thought my tooth came out. Luckily it didn’t. I’ll certainly get another guard from you in the future. It feels strong and I could actually close my mouth all the way.

    Andre N.
    Do I really need to say anything about this? I think the picture says it all. Huge THANKS to Smile Now Dental, Python Guards, and Shurfit Mouth Guards for this state of the art mouth guard, especially for the awesome design!! I didn’t care much for logos on my mouth piece, but after seeing this, I just had to have it.
    Ana J.
    I just received my mouth pieces. You are amazing!!!!! Thank you so much. I am excited to go to Bangkok knowing that I have your mouthpiece in place to protect my teeth. Now if you could just help me with blocking elbows and kicks. I will not hesitate to recommend your products. Thanks for altering the Gxxxxxxxx mouthpiece as well. Yours is clearly the superior product.
    Michael C.
    This place is awesome. Elmer has been making my mouth pieces for my last 7 fights and the have been awesome. So comfortable , and the stay in. He made some pretty cool designs for me to. 🙂
    Christos G.
    Thank you for a couple of great mouthguards! If you want to be the best, you have to wear the best!
    Oscar A.
    I was always having trouble with my mouthpiece for boxing before I met Elmer. I would always get cut inside my mouth. I got fitted with Elmer and no more cuts! I love it and would recommend for you guys to trust them!
    Mike M.